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I was asked to design a logo for a Woodworks start-up business which was to be called Walrus Woodworks. The main outlines of the brief were to have some sort of Illustration of a Walrus present, maybe have two W's joining together somewhere and the company name following in a horse shoe type pattern. As the Walrus doesn't really have any affiliation with woodworking my main concern was connecting the two. Initially all I knew is I wanted the Walrus to look constructed, maybe angular of some description and then as the design progressed, falling into a wooden sculpture like illustration was fairly organic. Teeth became the go to point of cohesion, in particular saw teeth, and so have managed to mix in some literal aspects of woodworking to try and build a representable brand identity. After a few different variations on the theme this was the final design solution. All Rights Reserved.




                Walrus Illustration







Here is two selected Illustrations out of a possible 4 produced for a memorial piece. The memorial piece is to fixture onto a garden bench so limitations were already outlined for the scale of said illustrations. This lead me down a path of having to create something small but recognisable so simplicity was probably the key word before embarking on any designs. Each Illustration is to fit on a brass tab approximately 5cm in diameter and present a relatable understanding to the viewer. The memorial piece is in honour of me Papa Jack, who passed away last year and is somewhat a celebration of the life he lived. There were many facets to El Papa Jack's life but have tried to symbolise the few that stuck out. All Rights Reserved.





Illustrative piece for a food delivery service. 1 in a series of 3 Illustrations depicting various parts of the food delivery process. All Rights Reserved.

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